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Northern lights trips

We run the trip with a minibus with 15 seats and start at Radisson Blu Hotel 18:30.

We chase the northern lights and where we go depending on the weather conditions. If its clear sky on the coast, we normally go there. In that area you get a fantastic view with the mountains and the sea in the background. This is a drive of around 1 hour from Tromsö. During the evening we always change spot a couple of times to get different backgrounds. We always try to avoid places with light polution. If its cloudy on the coast we have to go further east, if we have to, we drive all the way to the finnish border. Its a drive of about 2 hours from Tromsö. The trip last for 6-9 hours. The price is 1 550,-/pers. Incl. hot meal, coffee, tea, thermal suit,
winter boots, socks, hat, gloves, hand warmers, foot warmers, tripod and pictures from the trip.


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